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  • Emerging multidisciplinary artist exploring novel human-computer interaction through the creation of interactive installations, audiovisual performances, and physical artifacts

  • Born 1997 in Markham, Ontario, Canada

  • Lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Second generation Canadian - Finnish and Cantonese ethnicity


2020 - BASc., Engineering Science (Aerospace specialization) - University of Toronto

Professional experience

2020 - Present - Product Manager - Nanoleaf

  • Creator of the Nanoleaf Screen Mirror feature in the Nanoleaf Desktop App, now also available in Nanoleaf 4D

  • Managed the development and product lifecycle of the Nanoleaf Essentials lineup of smart bulbs and lightstrips

  • Lead successful partnerships and technical collaboration with key partner companies in the smart home industry

  • Lead the development and partnership of multiple integrations including Razer Chroma, Corsair iCUE, Engine DJ


2024 - Bird Conductor - Long Winter

  • Interactive projection installation allowing participants to control a flock of digital birds by moving their hands in front of a webcam. Built using p5js and MediaPipe.

2024 - Open HDMI: Spring 2024 - InterAccess Gallery

  • Live coding performance, creating progressive generative visuals from scratch.

2023 - P2P 2023 InterAccess Member Showcase Open HDMI Event - InterAccess Gallery

  • Built and performed a novel system for dynamically merging real-time generative audio-reactive visuals with networked video feeds from the phones of audience participants. Displayed on the IA 360˚ immersive projection system.

  • Collaboration with Asucena Di Giovanni.

2019 - Hart House 100th Anniversary Screening - Hart House Film Board

2016 - Canada’s Golden Hour photography project - Posterjack

2015 - International Images for Science UK touring Exhibition - Royal Photographic Society

2014 - Aging - PhotoSensitive

2014 - Rosedale Art Fair - Rosedale Main Street

2013 - The Beauty Project - PhotoSensitive

Personal Projects

2024-Present - Genuary Generative Art Prompt Series

  • Unique daily code sketches creating generative visuals for the entire month of January using p5.js (Javascript) and GLSL, inspired by prompts from the Genuary 24 site.

2024 - Cipher Fault

  • Short-form demo for application to perform at MUTEK Montréal

  • Collaboration between Benjamin Lappalainen and composer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Theo

  • Algorithmically generated visuals and distortions directly interact with a deconstructed instrumentation and sound design to re-arrange, mix and orchestrate the music in realtime, shaping a heavy electrosynth soundscape. 

  • Co-piloted by the artists using a mixture of custom computer vision tracking, MIDI control, and interfacing with Ableton live and VDMX.

2023-Present - GLSL Shader Programming

  • Regular self-directed education, practice, and sketching using GLSL to become proficient in the programming of graphics shaders for generative art & design

2023-Present - “Stoat” Discord Bot

  • Custom Discord bot for a community server written from scratch in Python, themed after the “Stoat” character in the game “Inscryption”.

  • Regularly updated with features and bug fixes at the request of server members.

2022-Present - Human Sequencer

  • Evolving project exploring the use of the spatial position of individuals in a room to serve as the control points for a musical sequencer, allowing musical collaboration amongst multiple participants regardless of musical ability.


2020 - eCAADe Conference Proceedings Volume 1 - Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe

  • "Auralizing Acoustic Architecture: A Multi-channel Ambisonic Listening Room for Architectural Design" - undergraduate thesis paper on computational simulation and auralization of sounds in a simulated space to influence and aid in the design of better architectural acoustics

2018 - Knowledge Encyclopedia: Science! - DK

  • Photograph licensed by DK

2016 - Canada’s Golden Hour photography project - Posterjack

  • Photograph published as part of the Ontario section of the project book

2015 - International Images for Science Catalogue - Royal Photographic Society

  • Photograph selected and published as part of the annual catalogue

2015 - INSPIRE me. york Magazine Edition 1 - INSPIRE me. york

  • Documentary photography of the community of the Chippewas of Georgina Island for article and interview

2015-2021 - The Varsity Student Newspaper online & print articles - The Varsity (University of Toronto)


2016 - Carr Astronomical Observatory Astrophotography Workshop #1 - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

2016 - RASCTO Astrophotography Session #5 at the David Dunlap Observatory - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

2015 - Recreational Astronomy Night meetings (2) at the Ontario Science Centre - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

2014 - RASCTO Members’ Night at the University of Toronto - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

2014 - RASCTO Members’ Night at the David Dunlap Observatory - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada


2014 - Winner of TIFF NextWave 24-Hour Film Challenge - Toronto International Film Festival

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